At Perryfield’s High School the Art Department strive to build creative, forward thinking individuals. Art inspires diverse approaches to communication and expression in everyday life. We aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to explore a wide range of media and explore working in the style of industry style jobs such as Graphic Designers to creating self-portraits in the style of Traditional Artists. Our main focus is to provide our pupils with a range of careers that our subject can lead you into by linking all our tasks to Higher Education placements and skills needed in job roles and salaries they provide. This insight into the working world of Art and Design ensures our pupils appreciate the many job roles and opportunities that can arise from our subject. Art can help build self esteem and confidence. By using a wide range of mediums pupils can eliminate their weaknesses and focus on improving their strengths. It enables our pupils to become problem solvers and become creative thinkers. Art at Perryfield’s High School will awaken a pupil’s awareness of their visual world, help them understand how and why it changes and how they can and should contribute by making their own mark within it.

Workshops run throughout KS3 and KS4 to extend further Key Skills that might be missed in individual projects. Workshops enables pupils to experiment more freely without a brief to be met but more of a higher standard of work to be achieved.

Homework is set as projects over a six-week period and includes tasks in a 3D form and 2D. Pupils are expected to spend half an hour a week on the projects to ensure the same standard of work is completed at home as is in the classroom. The tasks are set out with materials needed and expectations for final pieces but creativity and outward thinking is encouraged.

The Art and Design Department consists of three full time members of staff with 3 well equipped art rooms.

Miss S Gluyas

  • Head of Art

Miss R Stansbie

  • Teacher of Art

Mr R King

  • Part Time Teacher of Art

Mrs F Woodhouse

  • Part Time Teacher of Art

Key Stage 3 is now delivered using GCSE assessment criteria to allow students to become confident of expectations and grading criteria. Projects are divided into four sections of, developmental work in the style of several studied Artists, experimentation with a range of mediums to create observational drawings, generating ideas for a final response (Intentions) and their final piece. Students are then given forecast grades for GCSE based on the work produced.

Year 7: I am a campaigner (Climate Change) – Pupils begin their Art education at Perryfield’s with a project working in the style of an industry campaigner. Pupils start with an introduction to fundamental skills focusing on drawing, shading, proportion of the human figure and drawing movement. The theme of climate change runs throughout this project linking cross curricular education and the arts to portray an important message. Pupils finally produce a campaign placard inspired by the likes of Keith Haring.

Year 7: I am a Graffiti Artist – This project allows pupils to work in the style of a Graffiti Artist and introduces Key Skills such as colour theory and symbolism, watercolour painting, shading to add dimension. Work will be inspired by the likes of Kandinsky and Banksy, learning about typeface and colour selection. The final outcome is to design a hoody using key skills developed in lessons and exploring the pupil’s personality to express their thoughts, views and opinions on their personal environment.

Year 7: I am a Graphic Designer – Pupil’s will work in the style of a Graphic Designer by completing a client brief to the last detail. Key Skills for this project include Idea generation (mind mapping) understanding brand identity concepts, packaging designs and advertising strategies. Group activities play an important role in this project to generate ideas and to present ideas to a wider audience. Pupil’s will learn about a products USP (unique Selling Point) to help build a successful advertisement campaign.


Year 8: I am an Editorial Designer – This project explores the role of an Editorial Designer focusing on portraiture as its running theme. Key skills gained from this project include, pencil shading, Collage skills, Learning about Mauri culture and tattoo design, composition skills and magazine layouts. Pupils will be inspired by the likes of Jereon Tenun, Chellefelt and understand the importance of Pop Art and its place in society today. Pupil’s will produce a magazine front cover inspired by the artists and experimentation with a successful layout incorporating magazine composition skills.


Year 8: I am an Illustrator – Creative thinking and imagination plays an important role in this project which allows pupils to see the creative jobs that come from a basic doodle to developing into character design. Key skills gained from this project include, Pencil shading, grid technique, watercolour and gouache painting, pen drawings and 3D card relief. Pupil’s will look at the likes of Buff Monster and YouTube artist Vexx. Pupils are encouraged to see characters in everyday objects such as food items to create a series of monster doodles. Their final piece will be to create an A3 mural design following a client brief for a cupcake shop or an ice cream parlour incorporating all of the above key skills.


Year 9: I am an Interior Designer – Year 9 solely focus their art lessons on this project to create a surreal room design. Pupil’s look at famous interior designers to showcase the spaces designers create other than home design. This project enables pupils to look at career choices in the design industry that requires creative thinking and planning skills. The theme of the project links Surrealism and room design. Key skills learnt in this project include, Fine liner and water drawings, Grid technique, crayon shading room proportion. Planning and brief requirements run throughout this project and need to be met to complete a successful room design.


GCSE: We currently offer AQA Art, Craft and Design


  • This focuses on skills from two specialisms, Graphic Communication and Fine Art.

Students work on one Controlled Assessment (CA) project throughout Year 10 and the first term of Year 11. The project is currently a Cityscape project based on Birmingham. Students experiment with a wide range of materials such as acrylic paint, gouache and promarkers. Students also create beautiful pieces of artwork in different artist styles for example looking at Lizzie Mary Cullen and Shuichi Nakano, During the lessons there is a clear focus on how the task set links with a career opportunity or further/higher education course in both Art and other subject areas.

The final exam is an externally set question and pupils compile a folder of ‘prep-work’ before completing a 10 hour exam (over 2 days) to create a final interpretation (final piece) of their chosen exam question.

  • Students CA and Exam projects are divided into four Assessment objectives:

Assessment Objective 1: Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.

Assessment Objective 2: Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.

Assessment Objective 3: Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.

Assessment Objective 4:  Present a personal and meaningful response that realizes intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.

Homework Art KS4

  • GCSE students are required to spend 1.5 hours each week on their Art homework. This will include artist research activities and drawing tasks using a range of materials and techniques.