Mission statement

All staff at Perryfields High School is committed to prepare all students for a successful transition to Further Education or employment and for the effective management of their career thereafter.


Choosing a career is one of life’s big decisions.  It’s important to think about what you want from your working life and perhaps begin to focus your efforts in that direction, through your education or training. Our goal is to help our students learn more about the career opportunities available to them after high school and to assist them by connecting them with careers in which they can excel.  The aim of working with the schools careers advisors is to create a career goal.  This will help you focus and make decisions on what you want to do for a living.   A careers goal will help direct you and encourage you to accomplish what you want. A career goal can be a specific job—such as a designer or doctor—or your career goal can be a particular field you want to work in, such as engineering or education.

MRS HINKINSON and MISS BEARDMORE are here to help you.

Talking to your careers advisor may bring out your strengths, expertise, aspirations and possibilities that you may not have known you possess. Having a career goal can be a template to show you what you could accomplish in your life—rather than just aimlessly meandering from job to job.

There is a vast amount of information and advice on making your career choice; in books, on the internet, through social media and teachers. Perryfields High schools Career advisors give unbiased career advice and guidance from the best information available.  Most significantly helping students think through their ideas, which may develop with new ideas that may need further investigating.

In today’s society it is imperative that young people think clearly and carefully about the world of work and the educational choices they make.

Every student in year 11 at Perryfields High will be given the opportunity to attend a Careers Guidance appointment. This may be individually or as a small group with other students who have shared the same or similar interest and aspirations.  In this time you will research your career path, identify the rationale behind your selection, discover the routes into your choices, look at alternative ideas and outline an action plan for further sessions if applicable. These sessions are designed to help you think and make an informed choice about your future.

Where appropriate some students will have a guidance interview with an external provider such as Connexions. All students are entitled to information advice and guidance which is impartial and confidential.  The school’s Careers Advisers work in an impartial manner alongside external providers such as Connexions, KRUNCH, Mentors and with local Post 16 and Post 18 colleges, universities and trainers.

Impartial Guidance Destination Data analysis will indicate if school’s Careers Advisers are acting impartially.  If there are no changes to destination data trends, this should indicate that the school is working impartially and meeting Government Guidelines.

Careers Information will be delivered through a wide variety of subjects and staff.

This will involve information, advice and guidance which will be available to students through:

  • PHSE Focus weeks
  • Enterprise
  • Citizenship
  • Assemblies
  • Guest Speakers
  • Work related activities
  • Personal Careers Advisers
  • Learning Mentors
  • Work Experience Programme

All students are entitled to information, advice and guidance which are impartial and confidential.​​​​​​​

Careers guidance must be presented in an impartial manner and promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given. Careers guidance must also include information on all options available in respect of 16-18 education or training, including apprenticeships and other work-based education and training options.

Statutory guidance issued by DfE March 2012


Below is a set of downloads from us that may help you.