Frog is our brand new virtual learning environment (VLE). Frog is modern, visually appealing and engaging. With its user friendly technology, we hope it will engage your child and allow you as parent’s easy access to their learning. The new VLE will allow teachers to create exciting resources, quizzes and forums that the students can access and use in school or at home to enrich and enhance their learning experience.

Each student will be given their own unique username and password in and they can use this to log on to Frog at home or in school.

Each parent also has their own username and password which will allow you as parents to log onto Frog without the need of your child’s password.

The parent’s username is for use only by the parent and will give you access to a range of information, such as child’s attendance & timetable, this is detailed in the “Perryfields Parental Engagement Portal User Guide” which is available once you log in to Frog (the school retains the right to revoke access if the site is misused in line with our E-Safety Policy).

At this point we would like to stress the importance of E-Safety. As Frog is an online resource, we must help to keep our students safe at all times. Frog is a school resource and must be treated like any other property belonging to the school.

Frog has thousands of Apps and tools available for us to use as teachers, students and parents. As with all things new we will gradually increase the content and access available to make it more manageable for us and for you and the students to get use to a new way of working. If you have any suggestions on what we could include on Frog or what would make it better for you, please do let the school know via email at:

Frog is designed to work on all Operating Systems and mobile technology devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets.

Parental logons can be requested by clicking on the “Parental Logon Request” option above.

If you are in need of a Frog login, please provide the following:

Child’s First and Surname, Year group, and Registration Group.

And the parental email address that you have provided the school.

Feel free to use this form to sent other queries related to Frog only.