Carole Gallant

Chair of Governors

Carole Gallant is our current Chair of  Governors, and is also chair of the disciplinary committee. She is a Community Governor and our attached governor for Safeguarding, Science, Academy Status, ASGB Link Governor, Health and Safety and Bichard Trained.

Her start date was 01/09/2018, and her end date is 31/08/2022.

Her Business and Pecuniary interests include: Create a Future which is an alternative provision/tuition centre.

Ian Barton

Executive Headteacher

Ian Barton is our Executive Headteacher at Perryfields.

Jackie James

Community Governor

Jackie James is a community governor.

Her start date was 06/02/2015, and her end date is 09/02/2019

David Hanks

Parent Governor

David Hanks is a parent governor.

He is our attached governor for attendance, behaviour and bullying.

His start date was 15/10/2015, his end date is 14/10/2019

Bobbi Kaur

Parent Governor

Bobbi Kaur is a parent governor.

Her start date was 21/03/2017 her end date is 20/03/2021

Kerry Smith

Parent Governor

Kerry Smith is a parent governor, she is our attached governor for Literacy.

Her start date was 15/10/2015, her end date is 14/10/2019

She is also a governor at Woodhouse Primary Academy.

Sara Ward

Community Governor

Sara Ward is a community governor.

Her start date was 01/09/2018, her end date is 31/08/2022.

Karelle Williams

Staff Governor

Karelle Williams is a staff governor

Her start date was 08/01/2018, her end date is 07/01/2022

Governor attendance figures 2016-2017

Carole 95%
Alan 48%
John 66%
Angela 93%
Dave 93%
Kerry 90%
Michelle 38%
Jackie 70%
Dai 60%
Sara 73%
Jon 58%
Bobbi 83%
Robert 23%

Other Details


Angela Daniels – Local Authority Governor. Appointed 18th October 2016, stepped down 1st May 2019.

Jon Grant – Community Governor. Appointed 17th January 2017 term ended 17th September 2018.

Anyone who would like more information will need to contact the Clerk to the Governors, Katrina Wainwright at