The ICT department at Perryfields High School is committed to developing confident, knowledgeable and skilled ICT practitioners. As a department we believe it’s important for learners to experience a wide range of applications that challenges their thinking and develops their creativity skills. We also believe in keeping with times and are continuously adapting and rewriting our curriculum to cater for our learners. We have a pupil centred approach and learners are at the heart of our thinking and decisions. We also realise we have a responsibility to prepare learners for the work place, so have ensured our learners have a balanced understanding of the applications and technology used today. As a department, we regularly review and build on our professional expertise so learners receive up to date knowledge and are best equipped with the skills to extend themselves. Therefore, we have developed a curriculum that corresponds with the rapid growth of the information age and technological world.

Please select ‘software applications’ to view the applications covered for each year group. Additionally, please take a look at each year group attachments which details the topics/units delivered.

Staffing and Responsibilities

  • Mrs A.Robertson – Head of ICT Department (KS4 & 5)
  • Mr R.Mohammed – Teacher of ICT
  • Mrs N.Barratt – Lead Practitioner
  • Mr C.Briggs – Teacher of ICT, Assistant Head of Voyager and Computing Lead
  • Miss S.Rehal – Teacher of ICT

Year 7

In year 7 learners receive 3 hours x fortnight of ICT. We begin the term teaching an engaging gaming piece of software where they are able to draw on prior knowledge of commands/instructions from Primary School (KS2). Learners move onto a creative unit of work about their chosen Wonder of the World and develop an interactive and informative presentation. During spring term learners focus on modelling and data handling which they build on in year 8. Learners end the term by developing a news article about a person who they find inspiring.

Year 8

In year 8 learners receive 4 hours x fortnight of ICT lessons. Learners use a breadth of exciting software applications which invoke creativity and logical thinking. They begin the year by effectively searching online about the solar system and presenting information in the form of an interactive website. Learners move into spring term building on spreadsheet modelling and data handling to enhance and extend their skills in these areas. In the summer term learners work on an e-safety project and develop flowcharts for computer control software.

Year 9

In year 9 learners receive 4 hours x fortnight of ICT. We feel it’s important for pupils to understand the project life cycle and we endeavour to follow this pattern of carrying out a project as early as we can. Pupils are always encouraged to examine needs of project (audience and purpose), plan, research, implement and then evaluate their system. We aim to cover 1 hour x theory and 1 hour x practical per week.

At key stage 4 learners receive 5 hours x fortnight of ICT. ICT has become an option so all learners will be given an opportunity to opted for Computing or ICT based on their end of KS3 assessment and targets. We have developed a curriculum at KS4 that will get the best out of our learners and is in accordance with the range of abilities and ways pupils learn. For both GCSE and Computing learners are required to do a range of mandatory and optional modules. We aim to choose topics that will challenge, engage and prepare learners for further life skills and education.

Exam Board – OCR - Applied AS/A Level GCE

AS Units:

  • G041 – How Organisations use ICT (Exam 1 hr 30 minutes) – 33%
  • G040 – Using ICT to Communicate – 33%
  • G042 – ICT Solutions- Individuals & Society – 33%

A2 Units:

  • G048 Working to a Brief – 16.67%
  • Unit G052: Artwork and imaging – 16.67%
  • Unit G053: Developing and creating websites – 16.67%