Perryfields High school is committed to meeting the needs of all pupils including those with special educational needs. There is a shared expectation that all pupils regardless of their specific needs are given the opportunity to inclusive teaching which will enable them to make the best possible progress in school and fulfil their potential.

Being an inclusive school, Perryfields High may offer the following range of provisions to support pupils with communication, cognition and learning difficulties, social, mental and emotional health problems and sensory or physical needs.

The range of support offered will be tailored to individual pupils and their needs following thorough assessments by internal or external agencies.

Any additional support provided is designed to promote students working towards becoming both independent and resilient learners.


Visits to Primary schools take place to support the transition of your child moving from Primary school into High School. Pupils also have the opportunity to visit Perryfields High school on a number of occasions before starting in year 7.

Special Educational Needs

Conversations and visits take place during the transition period to discuss in more detail any additional support needed for pupils with Special educational needs.

In some cases multi agency meetings will take place to agree a more detailed transition plan which may include more visits and more in depth support from a key worker.

All support staff at Perryfields High School are highly trained and continue to develop their professional development, All staff have appropriate skills and knowledge in supporting pupils with a wide range of Special Educational needs.

The SENCO at Perryfields High School actively engages with external opportunities to share best practice.

The school also seeks advice from external specialists to review, evaluate and develop provision for students who have more complex needs.

More detailed information can be found in the Inclusion Policy which is on the school website.

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Assessment and Additional Support

On-going monitoring will take place to identify pupils who are not making the expected levels of progress or who have behaviour needs which are affecting their ability to engage in learning.

Discussions will take place with key staff and parents and additional support will be put in place to overcome any difficulties when required.

This additional support is individualised to the pupil’s needs. Where external agencies are involved, their advice and recommendations are followed to support the additional support put in place.

Actions agreed take into account the views of the pupil along with their strengths and difficulties.

The additional support is deployed to ensure your child can engage in lessons to facilitate independent learning.

Formal review meetings are held when required.

If your child continues to have difficulties further external expertise may be requested and additional funding is available for pupils that meet the criteria.

Access Arrangements

For some pupils additional arrangements can be made to enable them to fully access a range of tests. This could include additional time, rest breaks or the use of a reader/scribe.

The examinations officer will liaise with the SENCO to identify and apply for any such arrangements needed.


Perryfields   High school offers a wide range of interventions for both pastoral and   academic support, these include:

Access to learning support staff  Differentiated resources  Focused reading sessions  1:1 lessons  Small group interventions  Mentoring by both staff and pupils  Learning mentor workshops (self-confidence/anger   management/stress management)  Nurture groups  Homework club

Local Offer

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