Inclusion is fundamentally an issue of Equality of Opportunity for all.

Our Aims:

To ensure pupils feel valued and benefit fully from their school experience. To increase the levels of engagement for pupils who have difficulties in meeting the challenges of the national curriculum.To extend and develop pupils’ learning skills to maximise their individual potential.To accommodate and engage pupils in school, whilst issues of disaffection, poor attendance and under achievement of identified pupils are managed.

How it works.

Pupils can be referred to Inclusion by parents/carers/peers/subject teachers or support practitioner via their Head of Department or Head of family. All Inclusion placements are part time or temporary depending upon the individual need. All referred pupils follow their own individualised curriculum/pastoral programme of study. All placements are reviewed half termly by the Inclusion Manager/Parent/Carer and pupil throughout the term of the placement to ensure a successful pupil placement. All school rules/Code Of Conduct/Reward systems apply to pupils working within the Inclusion Centre.

Who are we?

What do we do?

  • Facilitate 1:1 sessions to support pupils to overcome difficulties and make progress
  • Run breakfast club from 7.30am which is free to all pupils.
  • Offer lunch time drop-in sessions for vulnerable pupils
  • meet with parents/carers to keep everybody informed of progress and ways of getting involved
  • Help pupils set short and long term goals and raise aspirations
  • Offer a selection of workshops to support our pupils’ needs
  • oversee a team of peer mentors
  • facilitate mediation sessions when required
  • support transition from primary school
  • Provide encouragement and support to pupils throughout their time at Perryfields
  • summer school