Partial Closure – Details for Parents

Letter to Parents of Year 11 Students – Update on Examination Grades

Letter to Parents of Year 11 Students – 23/3/20

Letter to Parents of year 11 Students

Letter Regarding Partial Closure

Information on Year 11 Grades
Since the announcement earlier this the week about the cancellation of GCSE exams, the Government have released the following information this afternoon with regards to what grades will be awarded to the students – please click on the link below:
When we have received further clarification on this from the Local Authority, we will write to you at the start of next week. Thank you for your patience.

How Work will be set for Students:

We are pleased to announce that Perryfields’ very own You Tube Channel is now available and can be accessed via the following link:

In line with when subject areas have been setting work, there will be daily uploads of virtual activities for your child to complete, including over the Easter holidays. These include a combination of videos and visual and audio learning resources from across the curriculum.

September 2020 Admission
We have a small number of places still available for September 2020 admission.  If you have applied for a place at Perryfields but have been unsuccessful, you are now able to appeal.  For further information, please see the attached document.

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